All hotel companies should be aware that it is necessary to implement within the structure, techniques that allow them to increase sales. One thing to keep in mind is that these strategies must be in line with what is currently offered, for example, hotels can no longer depend exclusively on travel agencies because there are really few people who come to this type of the services provided by agencies.

Hotels must create their strategies 

If a hotel depends exclusively on travel agencies, they won’t get anywhere because they are only the bearers of the services that the hotel offers. It is recommended that the same company develop their strategies as they are aware of the services and products offered. To improve the company’s profitability, it is necessary to invest the required time and money, mainly in digital media. These media are recommended for the company as they will help them to position themselves in these digital areas. It is, therefore, necessary for the hotel company to create its strategies.

Many of the doubts that arise are that, if despite using these digital media, it is necessary to have some intermediary, the answer is simple and is yes. Although they are required, it is always recommended that these intermediaries are always under conditions where the hotel can still have control of how, how much, how, and over what circumstances the rooms will be rented. Mainly because if the hotel company loses the management of these intermediaries, which are granted between 10 to 20%, they can cause economic problems in the hotel.

Creates the intellectual property of the brand and image

Since many hotels now have websites, it is necessary that the hotel company can have registration of its brand so that competitors do not grab the popularity that has to be able to increase their sales. Therefore, if the competition uses the brand or image, a complaint can be filed against the violation of intellectual property. These types of breaches occur a lot on the Internet, mainly when the brand is implemented as a Google Ads strategy or in advertising. In this way, the company makes sure that the moment a person searches for the hotel by name, it arrives at the official website and not at a fake one.


If you want to be successful in sales and thus increase them, the company must establish distribution channels where you can act quickly and safely. These means of distribution, plans will be developed to test the advertising created, to stimulate in people a purchase, and to support different goals that they have. Internet distribution is widely recommended because, unlike usual channels, it is not necessary to invest large amounts of money to be successful, the reach of advertising is higher, so penetration is also, and control of these actions is more straightforward.

If Puerto Peñasco resorts wish to have on websites, it is necessary that:

  • The web is an excellent option for them to make themselves known, but they must have a good website so that it can be optimized for services such as SEO.
  • The website must have a booking engine so that people can easily rent rooms without the need to go through processes such as commissions.
  • If the hotel company wishes to use offers, it must be kept up to date.

These are options that hotels can implement so that sales increase and do not depend exclusively on travel agencies.