The food truck business may be fun and a creative way to earn a living, but the goal is to earn a comfortable living by growing your business year-over-year. In order to do that you need the right people in the right seats, you need to have products that resonate with target buyers, you need to know where your ideal customers work, live and play, and at the heart of all of this you need a custom food truck from food truck builders that are focused on your growth goals. This article is intended to help entrepreneurs and family businesses ready to enter the food truck make smart investments on custom food trucks to help ensure a prosperous future.


  1. Consider New Custom Food Trucks, Don’t Buy Used


Last year more than 80% of new food trucks failed within their first 16 months of being open for business. The leading cause was due to mechanical breakdowns and equipment malfunctions in used food trucks. Not only did used food trucks cost business owners thousands throughout the year on repair bills, but the nature of their unreliability means they were not able to stay relevant on the street and their customers went elsewhere.


When buying a food truck, you may be tempted to get a used one because the stick price is lower. But in the long run you could pay up to three times the cost. Custom food trucks that are new offer total reliability and though they cost more up front, they save you tons of money be being reliable working horses as they constantly stay in front of your customers. The last thing you need is to have your griddle stop working with a line of 20 people waiting, or have your engine stop working with refrigeration shutting down. Buy a new, custom food truck from the best food truck conversion companies, and set yourself up to be successful right out the gate and in the long play.


  1. Buy from a Custom Food Trucks Builder that Knows Food Truck Design


Food truck designers not only excel at creative exteriors, they also engineer the right food truck platform designs to facilitate growth by being efficient now, and in the future. Your goals for 5 years from now should not be the same goals you have today. Therefore, you need a food truck that can accommodate future needs like more employees and additional equipment while still being efficient today. Floor space is everything; it determines how many people you can serve, how many orders you can prepare at once, and what type of items you can serve.


  1. Custom Food Trucks Need a Marketing Mindset


Attracting customers is your key to ongoing growth. Therefore, custom food trucks need an exterior design that is partially backed by marketing data. Having a deep understanding of your target buyers and your brand’s image and goals will allow food truck designers to create an exterior, using airbrushing or vinyl wraps, that will make your food truck stand out to your desired customers and have them lining up to taste the food that brands itself as a sure thing for your hungry customers to enjoy. Ask the food truck company how they determine the best exterior food truck design, how they collaborate with their clients, see if they have the creative chops to match the technical ones.