When there is an increase in the number of people, the increase in adults is increasingly may. Only in Mexico, according to the data provided by INEGI, there are around thirteen million seniors over 60 years. Which means that a high percentage of the population belongs to this sector. So most families turn to places where the older person can enjoy his life more and at all times are accompanied by doctors who take care of the person’s health. These assisted living Rosarito have become popular as the services offered to the elderly meet the expectations and needs of the adult.

But are these establishments really profitable?

With the new policies that have been established in the United States regarding the sector of higher taxes, the number of people crossing the borders has increased to provide their family member with a place where they can live comfortably so that Mexico became An ideal space for Americans. On the other hand, the cost of living on this side of the border is much cheaper.

Due to the growing demand, various companies in charge of this type of business have opened more establishments throughout the Mexican Republic, granting higher options. It has been determined that, in effect, these places have had considerable growth in recent years and that their audience not only covers people from Mexico but also foreigners.

The senile sector may be one of the most complicated, depending on the perspective in which it is observed. If analyzed from the field of health, older people tend to have more complications because over the years the body has been weakening, causing the body’s functions no longer work in the same way as they did before. That is why many establishments that focus on this public, offer medical services which can be available 24 hours a day, and this extra offered can significantly increase the growth of people within the establishment.

On the other hand, if examined from the monetary sense, usually American adults of adult age have to have higher incomes due to the pension they are granted for what they are an important target in this type of business. Many of the companies in charge of this, bet on establishing places in areas where tourism is high where the landscape is adequate to grant tranquility, so people tend to look for locations near the sea or where the climate is sufficient. Currently, there are around 817 nursing homes or homes in Mexico for older adults.

After all this information, we can specify that these businesses that are focused on the care for the elderly are really profitable since constantly the number of senile people will increase so they will look for spaces where they can enjoy their life. Similarly, the growing demand that has occurred in recent years of Americans crossing the border into Mexico has increased the chances of profitability, as well as the economic income to the country and the business. But it is necessary that this type of places offer older adults the essential services to give them a more comfortable life.