All the people who have their business know that feeling of coming to the end of the month or fortnight and seeing that maybe the profits weren’t enough to pay the people on your team or to pay the rent. This only highlights that our company is not sustainable enough so that through the services or products we offer we can cover the necessary expenses.

This is why, before starting a project of this style, it is necessary to know if our business is profitable so that the profits generated can cover the costs.

Talking about the area of health, specifically the branch of dentistry, recent graduates have the idea of setting up their practice because it is believed that dentists earn a prominent amount of money. And we are not going to deny this fact completely, but not all dentists are successful because not only do you need the desire to succeed, but you must analyze the project in detail and then employ strategies to allow the growth of the office.

Project (Idea)

To start a profitable business, it is essential to start with a good plan that allows us to develop our ideas to translate them into a productive business; we’re not only the owner wins but also their patients.

We must emphasize that the thought of putting a business is not something that can be taken lightly but must be taken with all the responsibility and dedication involved in establishing such projects. The person must have a clear idea about what he or she wants so that he or she can then investigate the necessary requirements that must be met to establish a dental clinic; Which are permits, investment costs, work equipment and everything that encompasses the process of a business.

Correct place

For a company to be successful, it is necessary for it to be established in an area where there is a lot of demand because we are not going to build or rent a place where the demand for dentists is minimal so it is best to opt for those places where there may be many patients. For example, Tijuana is one of the parts of Mexico, where dental offices thrive the most, so the tijuana dentist will look for the ideal areas to establish your clinic. For this, it is recommended to perform a general analysis of the surroundings.


Knowing our competence will allow us to observe which are the techniques that they implement to take advantage of them and develop them in a better way. In the same way, knowing the mistakes that our “opponents” have had will make us not do the same; that is why it is very important to understand our competitor because it will allow us to offer better services and products to patients.

Good strategies

Establishing good strategies will facilitate the reach towards the public since these will be the ways to make ourselves known in the market, on the other hand, they will also be of support so that the business is profitable. Methods must be designed to increase income and techniques to reduce costs.  The implementation of strategies of different tools (communication, marketing, SEO) will increase the target market.

With the set of these steps and the commitment of the person, gradually attract more patients, but it is necessary that the person does not despair as it is a slow process, but if the individual has a good planning in his project, the business can grow every day.