Being a fleet manager comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you perform this role for your company, than you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the right construction machinery completes the fleet to ensure that any job can be completed. You must manage the maintenance, check out the right construction machines to the right team members, manage fueling costs, schedule repairs, arrange for rentals, and be in charge of purchasing. In short, if you fail to invest in the most reliable construction machinery, you risk severe failure, and this is why most veteran fleet managers trust Case equipment for their construction machinery needs.

This article will explore why experienced fleet managers invest in Case equipment for reliable construction machinery to help perpetuate organizational growth, above any other brand.

Case Equipment Doesn’t Just Meet the Bat, the Brand Set It

There are a lot of construction machinery brands out there that engineer excavators, backhoes and forklifts that perform well. But one reason why fleet managers choose Case equipment above all others is that they actually invented and designed the equipment other companies copy. Back in 1947 Case equipment designed the world’s first backhoe loader in Massachusets. Their goal was to create a piece of construction machinery that could perform the roles of three machines, and the backhoe quickly changed the way contractors, city planners, demolition crews and builders were able to work in a  more affordable and efficient manner. Why choose another brand when fleet managers can invest in Case equipment–the pioneering force in the world of construction machinery.

Case Equipment has Conveniently Located Dealerships

Another reason why fleet managers invest in Case equipment is that is is conveniently sold and services all over the country. This is a time-saving and cost-saving convenience, as it means travel times are reduced and access to parts is faster. Here is an ideal example of Case equipment convenience: Sonsray Machinery is a licensed Case equipment dealer with more dealerships in the west coast than any other company. With locations all over Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and North and South California, fleet managers have an easy time servicing Case excavators, backhoes, dozers and other construction machinery due to the convenient locations all around them.

Service and Repairs

Finally, one main reason why fleet managers invest in Case equipment is due to the fact the dealerships have the best trained techs in the industry. In order to service and repair Case construction machinery, a mechanic must take a rigorous class in repairing every single machine in the Case equipment fleet, and know the components inside and out. Then they take a test, and if they pass, they become certified Master Technicians–the mandatory title one needs to service Case construction machinery.